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Have you ever felt like you purchased a training course, but can’t seem to cater or apply to your organization ?

We know that technology is a complex field, and we are here to help you navigate it. To help you get the most out of your dedicated professionals, we are offering the largest discount on our top-tiered consultation service to you.

Just this once, we are shaving off 90% off our price tag!

Given the ever-changing field of IT, it is hard to keep track of what services are available for you to leverage in business. This only comes with experience, of which can be hard to come by for businesses that are not related in the technology industry. That’s why we want to extend and apply the knowledge that we have gathered over the years, to our valued clients.

We want you to be successful!

You will have an exclusive consultation with our founder and resident technical director, Dr Joel Shee. Whom have assisted multiple known global organizations to enable businesses to utilize technology to not only improve internally productivity but also empower organizations for better service delivery.

He founded That’s IT on the principle that IT should be an accessible tool for business success, not an obligation. Equipped with a doctorate and a passion for technology, That’s IT went ahead to achieve several accolades, such as the SME500 (2022), Singapore Finest Services (2020), and Cyber Security Consultation (2021). He’s also featured in Business Times. Now we want to pass it to you!

Dr. Joel Shee, PMP





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Carolina Setiawan

IT Financial System Consultant

Courtney Smith

Owner and CEO of Postal Unlimited
San Diego, California

Sabrish Chandrakanth

Founder & CEO of Inthera Consulting Inc

Germano Dealessandri

CEO of Icostech Srl
Pinerolo, Piemonte, Italy

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