From basic procurement of Microsoft software to systems security and maintenance, That’s IT provides a dedicated hub for your ease.

We take being the ‘go-to’ to another level. Imagine the ease of an in-house IT department, but without the hassle of hiring and training.

Our mission

We Do IT
Right for Businesses

Whether it is managing a company’s entire IT operations, leading a project, or conducting an assessment – we bring industry best practices at every aspect of service.

Our mission is to help organizations solve challenging IT problems through proactive expert analysis, implementation of solution and experienced professional service.

Our Vision

To Ease Businesses Worldwide of IT troubles,
engage That's IT and that's it!

That’s IT provides innovative and capable solutions for all IT solutions. Technological advancements are inevitable and businesses, no matter the size, require keeping up and utilisation of this tool to function efficiently. That’s IT aims to be at the forefront and lead the IT support industry.

That’s IT aims to provide all encompassing IT services for all businesses worldwide. This means having the competency to handle all types of IT troubles, ranging from hardware procurement to software hosting and security.

Our History

IT should be a tool that boosts productivity and helps businesses run more efficiently. However, due to its challenging nature, most people struggle to keep up and IT vendors see it as a lucrative space.

Therefore, That's IT was founded, to provide professional IT services to businesses in a fair and accessible way.

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